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Welcome to VoFlo Systems

Welcome to VoFlo Systems. We are a UK company, specialist in cooling equipment for home and commercial brewing (beer, wine or cider making).


We CUSTOM design, manufacture and install all types of cooling systems from a simple homebrew immersion chiller to a commercial CIP plate heat exchanger. 


We can offer (in almost any size)

  • Immersion Wort Chillers
  • Whirlpool Chillers
  • Counterflow Chillers
  • Plate Heat Exchangers.


Our prices are very reasonable with a home brew immersion cooler starting as low as £59.95 delivered (all in) for an off the shelf version, and £74.95 delivered (all in) for a a similar size CUSTOM / BESPOKE immersion chiller designed specifically for your brewing system. And thats just the start!...


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